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One of the latest abundance of the Windows operating system is Windows 10 which is cooperated with the operating system of windows. By unifying the features of a tablet, desktop and a mobile operating system the Microsoft developed the windows 10 with the help of Software development company India. The windows 10 achieving the similar features of the desktop version which consisting of the similar settings, menus, kernel, UI elements etc. Currently Lumia smartphones and the HTC phones are supporting the windows 10 operating system. The windows 10 using universal app system which permit to port the windows 10 mobile devices with the PC. The Windows Insider program is expanded to phones which allow the customers to deviate from the carriers. This helps to install the recent operating system directly to the phones.

Windows 10 Mobile will support most of the mobile app development companies in India, but it supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line by ARM system-on-chips and Intel and AMD by IA-32 system-on-chips.  The first fresh Windows 10 Mobile devices are Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 950. The connectivity of Microsoft Lumia 950 and Microsoft Lumia 950 XL are similar. The software development company in Kerala supports the advanced features of Microsoft. One platform approach is followed by the Microsoft for the tablets and PCs.  The Windows 10 Mobile uses a universal app system which allows the devices to port easily to the Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Microsoft aims to port Android and iOS apps with the Windows 10 along with mobile app development companies in India. But the plan gets disappeared. For developers it is easy to write the apps which are running on windows 10 systems. Continuum is the killer feature of windows 10 devices. Continuum is a characteristic which allows Windows 10 Mobile device to be used as an ad hoc PC. For supported devices it is possible to plug the Windows 10 Mobile phone or tablet into an external monitor, mouse and keyboard. This will resemble like a PC desktop interface.

Edge is new web browser used in Windows 10 Mobile. Edge html browser is one of the faster one and this supporting the reading lists, annotations of on-screen, and the extensions. But the Windows browser is boosting only 2.25 percent of PCs. And this makes the marketing of Windows 10 to become lower and due to the Edge feature the Windows 10 powering 10 percentages of desktops. Word flow is the Keyboard used by the 8.1 Windows. The similar one is applied for Windows 10 by adding some advanced features.


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