An Online Journal about Digital Marketing- Fine Points:

An online established open source website designing tool is called WordPress, it is written in PHP (personal home page) which is HTML embedded script language used for web development. wordpress is an open content management system(CMS) with its base as PHP and MySQL, wordpress is free for all to use.

In one of my blogs I have mentioned that digital marketing has a online and off line marketing design and during this marketing it becomes  a tedious process to target  client requirement and give feed back to the client on the word status or literally speaking we won’t be able to show results.

Here technique which can use to get detail on particular even or search patter is using UTM codes (urchin tracking module) this code can be linked to URL for targeting searches.UTM code is a simple code.

Day by day there are thousands of campaign on various product and brands hence to get first hand data from targeted customer becomes impossible.UTM code can be used to track sources of campaign or individual campaign.UTM codes can be used to monitor two or more adds simultaneously.

One these codes are released you only need to search in Google URL builder, there you will see the parameters and you will get the required Intel.

UTM codes help you to search the data in single option rather than creating a separate website for each campaign. Internet helps us to be interconnected globally hence the cost involved in travel, labor and time can be saved. World Wide Web is a collection of data and resources, linked through hyperlink and uniform resource locator.

As a Domain channel internet is a fast emerging space for Digital marketing and point of sales. I have missed out few point in my blog regarding Banners ie, types of  web adds in internet ,they are popup add ,Banner ads ,pop  under ads, interstitials ad and sky scrapers. All these ads are just for one purpose for creation awareness and traffic in website.


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